Mos Wanted Crew | Lando Wilkins | “Snatched”

“Haterz turned to fans in one easy process!!! Yours free of charge!!”

This is a funny POV (point of view) concept of a “What if..” idea. What if haters were kidnapped and converted to being a fan in some way. After leaving ABDC and experience yet again all the hate attacking all the teams of the show, it showed me that America is still behind in the passion, harmony, and growth of dance. Not for those who have, more for those who do not understand it and just watch it as a show (spectators). Regardless spectators are also fans as well and need to be acknowledged and taught just the same as a hater that does not know nothing about what it is we put our blood and souls into. I’d rather get criticized by the youth who actually dance rather from a spectator who cannot even nod their head on beat. Even a baby knows how to react to music when heard, so what are you afraid of?!

I read a lot of comments on many videos and seen some angry responses. There is a action to every reaction. So what if this was a reaction to a random dislike. I find it funny people dislike a video when all it is doing is encouraging people to go to a free workshop of dance. RE-DICK-U-LUST. Anyways enjoy this concept with dance (again it is a concept, do not complain about it being to long or doesn’t have enough dance in it.)


I love how when Miah and I take a break from studying, all we do is dance and go over routines. Getting all sweaty n shiet. 

This is not sarcasm, people.

Just thought I’d make that clear, since, you know, this is the internet and sarcasm is almost never easily detected. 

"I’m emotional too, and that’s my weakness, like, relationships. At the time something happened, and I just wanted to dance it out. That’s the cool thing about dance cause it’s an outlet.